MCSE Trained
@Work, @School, @Home.
@Home Computing offers a complete range of computer, network and peripheral solutions. We can help setup everything from scratch, stabilize what is already in place or upgrade to meet new technology demands.
We pride ourselves on developing long-term solutions to help your computers at work, school or home perform up to the highest standards. Each client environment is approached with optimistic enthusiasm; we do not say ‘that can’t be done’. We focus on creating reliable solutions.
Windows Platforms (NT, XP, 98, Server 2000, Server 2003, Vista)
Additional Platforms (DOS, Linux, Mac, Unix)
Database and Application Support and Installation

10 Years of Experience Serving the NY Metro and Greater Tri-state Area

@Home Computing provides experienced, reliable and quality service to clients in Westchester, NYC, NJ and CT.

We immerse ourselves in the technologies your business or home needs to meet and exceed your expectations, leading to increased productivity or enjoyment!

From stand alone systems to multi-server environments to wireless networks!
Let @Home Computing cater to all of your computing and technology needs.
Call us! Our customers are encouraged to phone us for assistance and if we can quickly help over the phone we will; no charge!
We are careful to never over book our schedule so you always get the quality attention you deserve (and is often missing elsewhere!)
Are you an amateur "Techie” or a complete “Newbie”? Do your children run circles around your computer knowledge? Whatever your expertise, We aim to help.
@Home professionals are happy to explain everything we do, step by step or let you focus on other important issues. It is always your call with @Home Computing.
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