Whatever your environment we can stabilize and optimize your current systems.
Reliability is the key to reaping the benefits of computers and related technologies.
A Knowledgeable Support Staff is Always There to Help. We look forward to answering your questions regarding PC’s, wired and wireless networks, broadband internet. You name it!
In an age when technology seems to have allowed for a serious lack of customer service, we want you to experience the @ Home Computing difference. We dislike poor service as much as you do. We take pride in insulating our clients from the worst of these effects. If we do not have an answer to your inquiries, we go find them and get back to you.
Customized Support at All Times. Managed IT Services means combining the best worlds of live remote access support with an as-needed or scheduled onsite presence. We create custom service agreements and we base our business on trust and integrity in everything we do; creating long term, mutually beneficial business relationships is our goal!
New Devices, Markets, Software…
We stay abreast of the ever-rapidly changing “technology wave” so you don’t have to!
Our engineers use techniques and solutions based on up-to-date research and time-tested results; they are often quite ahead of the certification training programs!
The dynamic technology landscape challenges us as knowledge workers to stay on top of what’s new. This keeps us on top and our clients happy.
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